Yin Yang Aromatheraphy Candles

Our candles are made with ECO soy wax made only from soy beans. There is NO petroleum, NO parabens which means it is non toxic and slow and clean burning. These candles are made with pure essential oils only and will burn up to 30 -35 hours! Please follow the burning instructions at the bottom of each candles for safety reasons. We are using ‘WEDO LX’ wicks which are designed to reduce carbon build up and smoking. They have a ‘self-trimming’ effect as they curl into the flame.

Lemongrass & Eucalyptus

Lemongrass & Eucalyptus – Revitalising/Fresh/Uplifting

Lemon and Ginger candle

Lemon and Ginger – Energising/ Anti depressant/Warming

Lavender and Rosemary

Lavender and Rosemary -Calming/Anti fatigue/Anti stress/Helps with headaches

Basil and Tangerine candle

grapefruit and ylang-ylang  – Sedative/Aphrodisiac/Sensual


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